Can You Dig It?
DIG Ready Industrial Ground Thaw mats contain a 16-layer infrared heating element that converts 100% of the electricity used into heat. This heat, which comes from FAR infrared waves, then permeates its way through the frozen ground into the earth’s surface.
DIG Ready
Clean, Efficient Heat Provides Schedule Certainty

DIG Ready Industrial Ground Thaw is much more efficient than any other system because there is very little heat loss.  Infrared heat works on a direct path, going straight from the source to the thawed ground. Leaving no “cold spots,” DIG Ready provides a 170-degree blanket of heat that covers the entire surface area.

DIG Ready thaws ground in a reliable time frame of 36 to 60 hours, providing schedule certainty with twice the coverage and twice of the power of most competitors. DIG Ready also provides a high level of safety through modified heat sensors and waterproof connectors.

DIG Ready dries ground as it thaws, saving contractors time and money.  Once thawed, the ground is perfect digging and construction. Competitor products leave the ground slushy, icy and wet.

DIG Ready Mats are durable and easy to move. With a nearly indestructible cover, DIG Ready has withstood the harshest environments. It is lightweight and easy to transport, and will last for years.

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