Winter Is Cancelled

DIG Ready converts 100 percent of its electricity into heat, making it the most efficient ground thawing system available today.

Click here to download a report of a side-by-side comparison of DIG Ready Industrial Ground Thaw and a standard hydronic system test performed in North Dakota, January 15-18, 2015.

How does DIG Ready compare to a hydronic ground heating system?

Hydronic systems have been the industry standard for primary ground thawing and heating. Hydronic systems are expensive, unreliable and slow to heat.

Some deficiencies in hydronic systems include:

  • There is a high risk of damage and catastrophic failure; leaks in the hose can flood and freeze.
  • The system does not keep ground dry.
  • The system does not distribute heat evenly.
  • The system can take more than week to thaw the desired area.
  • The system requires frequent monitoring.
  • The system is tedious and expensive to install and maintain.
  • The system has a short lifespan because of continuous run time and moving parts.

How does DIG Ready compare to other ground thawing blankets?

Competitor ground thawing blankets use a coiled resistant wire within a blanket.

Some deficiencies in resistant wired systems include:

  • These blankets create uneven hot spots and unevenly thaw the ground.
  • Competitor blankets are made with weak material that poses a high risk of damage. As a result, they have a short lifespan.
  • Competitor blankets don’t bring the heat like DIG Ready. The maximum temp of competitor blankets may be as little as 100 degrees, similar to a bedroom electric blanket.
  • Competitor blankets use standard household current voltage, and are slow to thaw ground reliably.

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